We provide business centric IT education for our students to meet the demand of a wide range of technical and professional skills required by the IT departments of corporate and government organizations.

Param Education prepares our students to be competent and professional in IT, Health care and Accounting practices. Our efforts remain focused on achieving uncompromising success and establishing standard education programs as well as custom configured classes to provide to our candidates professional skills which will afford them outstanding career opportunities regardless of their race, creed, nationality or gender.

PCSI provides real time intensive training in various technical and market sectors to fully develop a broad range of skills for each student. These extensive training programs are conducted by highly experienced professionals and are designed to help both technical mastery as well as interpersonal skills such as effective Communication, Interview Techniques, Professional Attitude, Personality Development, Quality Management, Team Building and Work Ethics. PCSI’s training program allows you to cast a wider net for hiring Quality professionals with the right attitude.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT courses which we will deliver either at our site or at your own site.

Our range of services is designed to satisfy the majority of training needs for staff at the Data and Development Centers of your organization. We will provide you with the guidance and expertise to select the best training solution to meet the needs of your staff.

  • Almost two decades of experience in sourcing and staffing in IT Service Industry.
  • Experience in providing solutions in IT, Financial, Retail, Insurance and Healthcare Domain
  • Excellent Client feedback and reviews
  • Outstanding recruiting staff to find best candidates for business requirements

We draw upon the expertise of internationally recognized Instructors and experienced industry experts to develop and provide quality training. Our philosophy embraces providing quality education to reach better financial horizons and professional development.